Waheed Imran

“Jack of all trade, Master of none” not a truth.

Sometimes you feel that some quotes are not for those who have abilities to make the world better by learning/knowledge how much stuff they can. When you have a mindset to deliver a quality in any profession but people around you are working with you are not following the basic standards of quality. Then you have to take a step forward to learn stuff and deliver quality with your job.

People those have the passion to learn new technologies, languages, following the latest trends and would like to take a ride with the advanced world, they would never like to work or would like to change the thought of “jack of all trade, master of none.

People don’t work just to earn money they do like worship. Any thing related to them should be better or at least try to make better. From many years of experience, I feel that people should subscribe to different learning websites and should start to learn even basics of all the field those are related to your work. So at some stage, you can guide/teach others how to make it better.

As life is the name of learning and it will never stop.

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