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Never do a rush job for sake of done

Due to the shortage of time, we won’t follow the processes to make our products better and we do a rush job just to complete it on time. After that, we realize that we did many mistakes and to fix those mistakes it almost takes the same time as a proper process would take.

To be more productive and deliver a quality work we’ll need to stick our plan from idea generation to product implementation either its a mobile app, web application or any other product. There are famous words someone said,

Don’t work hard. Work Smarter.

There are some steps which I’m following from many years not officially as in all companies I have worked there were always some limits due to time, development, cost or any other reason. But whenever I worked as a freelancer with the freedom to drive design flow I always followed it and always got a response in client satisfaction.

Web design process requires those seven stages

  1. Idea/Problem that’s needs to be solved: You always needs to have a deep knowledge to perform better what idea or problem you are going to solve so you think each aspect to creativity and usability.
  2. Sketch your idea: Doodle all of your ideas on a paper and see which will solve the problem or look better in design.
  3. Wireframe: Wireframing to know how it works as a flow and merge all ideas on one page to
  4. Content Creation: In normal practice mostly we have seen in companies that first they do the design than content and then again they’ll repeat the design many times as content change. This is a wrong practice. Always get the content before you move to visual design. So you can design better.
  5. Visual Design: With the site architecture and some content in place, we can start working on the visual brand.
  6. Testing: Got all your pages and defined how they display to the site visitor, so it’s time to make sure it all works.
  7. Launch! Good luck 🙂

If you have followed the whole process you will always get a good response. Improvements never end but after a detailed brainstorming in each process, you will be satisfied to launch a good stuff in the market.

If you read it, please share me your thoughts about writing as I’ve just started to share my experiences and have many topics to discuss/share. Thank you.

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