Waheed Imran

Taking step back is not easy but sometimes better in life.

I lost my job a few weeks ago and it was very difficult to think about how I will manage when you have many responsibilities. Thought always come in mind as in Pakistan companies find experienced persons to push forward to their company by doing the best effort and once work is successful they can’t afford you more.

Doing just a job in Pakistan you can’t survive as there is no guarantee especially when we talk about private jobs. I’m not discussing all companies but mostly it happens.

The best way is to always spend some time to do your own business either its part time. But invest money somewhere at least 20% of your pay so when the difficult time come to you. You are always doing another work.

Now I thought to take a step back in life. People come to the city to find jobs and better future. But what type of future nobody knows. Just earning money and spending whole life to bear expenses. Another thought which is common nowadays that cities are having modern life better education. No doubt but after doing many years of job and you get retired mostly people like to go back to their villages/homes to live a normal life.

I thought to take a step back in life. I thought to find a job near to my village even with half amount what I was earning in cities enough to bear daily expenses. So I can live a life where people get up early morning to do work. Before leaving for the job they complete their house jobs. Where people are more real and more cultured.

So by saving some of the amount I can invest in other business as there I can do many jobs. hope for the best 🙂

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