Waheed Imran

What we get and lose by working Abroad?

I have heard this many times if you want to earn and save money fast go abroad. Is it true? Only people those are working hard and doing sacrifice for their families by staying many miles away will understand how much difficult is this but we need to fulfill responsibilities.

The point here is what we’ll get and we’ll lose.

Let’s discuss in general what we get?

  • May be we’ll earn a better amount as compare to our country
  • May be we’ll get experience to work with different kinds of people/culture and country.
  • May be we’ll earn knowledge by working in the different market sometimes big projects.
  • May be we will buy all the gadgets, phones and notebooks we ever wanted to buy.
  • May be we’ll start living a good life in a safely secured environment.

Now let’s discuss in general what we lose?

  • First and most important, by staying away from families we lose the emotions, feelings, and attachments which we get by nature and culture.
  • We start keeping a difference from others which a person doesn’t have who are living them.
  • By doing the job we’ll never save money fast either we are in our country or other. As how much you’ll earn you’d like to spend on your dreams so what we saved?
  • By doing work hard especially we don’t feel but we are getting weak, no care of food, health, and mental relaxation.

No doubt people can save and people have to work due to their responsibilities but those are just thoughts we need to share so those can stay with family don’t go away from them. You’ll get the life once but you’ll never get family again.

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